Russia, China and India stand at present as the fast changing and challenging supplier of the Global Defence Market. They have doubled their military expenditure during the last five years and forecast to rise further by 62% by the end of 2010.

Apparently, these countries increased the Defence expenditure from USD $ 50.05 billion to USD $ 99.47 billion by 2007 and would be increased up to USD $ 161.44 billion by the end of 2010 according to Jane’s Defence weekly. ’These three countries’ defence sectors will have far-reaching implications for the West, both in terms of opportunities and potential competition in the global market.


Russia currently offers the strongest opportunity for investors and international defence organizations a willingness to partner for the international market, with the opportunity for direct investment dead ahead. Structural reforms will potentially give investors access to Russia?s export order book.


China’s defence budget continue to grow at the rate recorded over the past seven years, it will stand at USD360 billion by 2020.
A massive internal market is developing and the need for investment to underpin further growth will create opportunities for both strategic and financial investors.

China has a well-documented interest in Africa’s resource wealth and has been vigorous in its cultivation of economic ties, considering access to energy and commodities to be an essential element of its continuing economic development.

Developing a military export capability potentially provides China with an additional source of leverage when negotiating these critical access arrangements. Recent shipments of arms to Sudan and Zimbabwe have also demonstrated China’s clear willingness to do business with regimes other suppliers will not.


India won’t be a major defence exporter for at least 15-20 years, but when it does emerge it will be the private sector powerhouses that will lead the way. Strong defence spending is creating enormous opportunities for defence organizations in India.

The success of India’s private sector in the high-technology civilian and commercial fields is likely to point to the way ahead. Should the potential of this sector be harnessed, it could indicate a future in the command, control, communications, computing and intelligence and network-centric warfare arenas.

Apart from the above mentioned countries, Czech Republic and Pakistan stand as one of the leading supplier of military hardware to Sri Lanka and India is only supplying Radar & communications equipments.

Source – Asian Tribune –