Caymmi chega a Salvador para receber o Prêmio Jorge Amado em 2006

Dorival Caymmi, a popular Brazilian singer and songwriter, has died today at the age of 94 at his Rio de Janeiro home. His death was caused by kidney cancer and multiple organ failures.

Caymmi wrote over one hundred songs in his lifetime. His song “Das Rosas” was translated into English as “And Roses and Roses” by the American lyricist Ray Gilbert. Associated Press has reported that his “deep, velvety voice” made Caymmi one of Brazil’s most popular musicians. One of his most popular songs, “O que e que a Baiana tem” gained popularity after being performed by Carmen Miranda, who was a popular Brazillian samba singa and film star.

Also an actor, Caymmi performed in several film roles, his first being Joujoux e Balangandãs in 1939. He also starred in Pureza, Abacaxi azul, Estrela da Manhã, Pluft, o Fantasminha, Garota de Ipanema, The Sandpit Generals (an English language film) and, most recently, Tenda dos Milagres. According to Maria Ferreira, a relative of Caymmi, the family is “very shaken” by his death. He is survived by his three children.

Source : wikinews