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Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader

Independent United States presidential candidate Ralph Nader and his running mate Matt Gonzalez were selected as the presidential and vice-presidential nominees of the California Peace and Freedom Party during its convention on August 2. Nader won the nomination with 46 votes or 60.7% of the ballots, edging out challengers Gloria La Riva, Brian Moore and Cynthia McKinney. The nomination guarantees ballot access for Nader in California, which accounts for 10% of the national vote.

Prior to the convention, Nader participated in a forum in Sacramento on August 1 with his three challengers. The meeting lasted three hours in a standing-room packed to capacity. After the forum, delegates from the party cast their ballots among the four candidates. Following Nader, La Riva, the nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, received 27 votes. Moore, the nominee of the Socialist Party, received 10 votes and Green Party nominee McKinney finished in last place with 6 votes.

Following the nomination, the Peace and Freedom Party praised Nader and Gonzalez, arguing that, “both nominees agree with the fundamentals of the Peace and Freedom platform and bring with them a strong combination of experience, credibility, and legislative accomplishment.”

The party platform includes support for socialism, feminism and environmentalism.

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John McCainUnited States Senate.
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Barack Obama
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The two leading United States presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are statistically tied according to the latest Day to Day Politics Poll Average. Both the 7-day average and the 10-day average show that the difference between the two candidates is within the margin of error. Barack Obama is polling at 45.8% and John McCain is at 45.1%.

The lead for Obama has dropped by 4% in the last week, two weeks after his trip to Europe. There is about 4 weeks until the Democratic and Republican Conventions and about 9% of the public is still undecided, which is a 2% drop since last week.

The Day to Day Politics Poll Average for the past week used the Gallup Tracking poll, the Rasmussen Tracking poll, the CNN poll, and the USA Today/Gallup poll.

The battleground states of Florida and Ohio, are also showing no statistically significant lead for either of the two candidates. However, Pennsylvania shows a statistically significant lead for Obama. These three states have been key battleground states in the past two elections with the winner of two of these three states winning the White House.

Also, according to a new national poll, white workers give Obama the edge by 10 percent (47% for Obama, 37% for McCain), even though 1/6th of this voting group is undecided. Both parties agree that this group of voters will be a key voting bloc for victory. With 92 days left until the General Election, both parties will be campaigning heavily in the three major battleground states mentioned above and among this particular voting group.

Source : wikinews