August 20, 2008 is the 11th major day of the 2008 Olympic games, the below article lists some of the highlights.

Men’s 200 meter sprint

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who recently set the world record for the one hundred meter sprint, has set a new world record in the 200 metre sprint with his time of 19.30 seconds, 0.02 seconds quicker than the previous world record, which was set by Michael Johnson in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

“This is a dream come true. You come out every day to be a champion and I’m just happy,” said Bolt, after the race. “I’ve proved I’m a true champion and that with hard work anything is possible.”

The silver and bronze went to Americans Shawn Crawford and Walter Dix, respectively.

Women’s swimming 10km

Russian Larisa Ilchenko took home gold in the women’s marathon swim. Her final time 1:59:27.7. She beat the United Kingdom‘s Keri-Anne Payne by 1.5 seconds, and Cassandra Patten, also of Great Britain by 3.3 seconds.

Women’s hammer throw

Belarusian Aksana Miankova set a new Olympic Record and won the gold medal in the final of the women’s hammer throw with a score of 76.34.

Yipsi Moreno, who was representing Cuba, won the silver medal, while Wenxiu Zhang, from China finished in third place with a score of 74.32.

Zhang also set her new season’s best.

Women’s 400m hurdles

Jamaican Melaine Walker set a new Olympic record, national record and won the gold medal in the final of the women’s 400m hurdles with a final score of 52.64 seconds.

Sheena Tosta, who was representing United States, won the silver medal, while Tash Danvars, from Great Britain, finished in third place with a final score of 53.84, a new personal best.

Men’s Baseball

Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, and the Netherlands were eliminated in the matches leading up to the Baseball semi finals which will take place on August 21. Chinese Taipei defeated Canada in a closely matched 12 inning 6-5 game, but both failed to advance. China was defeated by Cuba 17-1, and the Netherlands was defeated by South Korea 10-0. The United States and Japan also played, with the US defeating Japan 4-2, but both were already guaranteed entry into the medal round. Japan will play South Korea in the bronze medal round, while Cuba and the United States will compete for the gold medal.

Other news

Liudmyla Blonska fails drugs test

Eckhard Pecher.

Liudmyla Blonska may be stripped of her silver medal
Image: Eckhard Pecher.

Liudmyla Blonska, who won silver in the heptathlon is suspected of using illegal substances. As a result, she faces a lifetime ban and she may be stripped of her silver medal.

Kelly Sotherton, who competed against Bloska, criticised the athlete. “I’ve been saying all along that she got caught doping when she was scoring 6300, so how can she not be doping and scoring 6800?” she said.

“I’ve not seen any of her results since early June and then she comes out here and is producing good performances, which was suspicious,” she continued. “The thing I hope is that the Russian and the American who will be upgraded get their medals in a proper presentation, otherwise they will have lost that moment forever.”

Nick Davies, a representative of the International Association of Athletics Federations also criticised Blonska. “It is fair in life to give people a second chance but now (if it is proved) she has committed an offence again, it is a life ban and good riddance quite frankly.”

Medal Table, Sr Lanka’s largest ever building and construction industry related exhibiting -“Construct 2008” was declared open by the Minister of Construction and Engineering services, Dr Rajitha Senaratne and the guests of honor at the opening ceremony were Piyasena Gamage, Minister of Vocational and Technical Training, Jacques Villemain, Deputy Ambassador of France in Sri Lanka; Richard Vokes, Country Director, Asian Development Bank and Mohamed Ali Janah, President, Maldives Association of Construction Industry .

Dr Senaratne as the Chief Guest said that with the ground breaking construction projects at national level such as power plants, water supply projects, ports, airport, flyovers, bridges, expressways have been commissioned with the participation of the members of the NCASL.

He said that some of these projects have been directly executed by the members of NCASL and the others with the participation of the foreign construction companies. According to official statistics the construction sector has contributed Rs hundred and fifty thousand million to the Gross Domestic Product which is 6.4 percent of the GDP.

He said that if mining and quarrying which has relationship to the construction sector is added, the GDP share would be much higher. he said that the annual cement consumption has increased by 10.7 percent over the previous year which shows that the construction sector has tremendously grown in the recent past.

Dr Senaratne said that the construction sector has contributed to the employment share of the national economy by providing 543,000 direct employment and around another 600,000 indirect employment opportunities. The sector contributed 61 percent of the Gross Domestic Fixed Capital Formation (GDFCF) which shows that the construction is an important base of the national economy.

To beat the escalating high costs of imported building material, Mohammad AliJanah, President, Maldives Association of Construction Industry (MACI) suggested that Sri Lanka and Maldives jointly import in bulk such as cement, steel and other items.

He made this suggestion at the opening ceremony of the ‘Construct 2008’ Exhibition organized by the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) which was held from 8th to 10th August at the BMICH. Mr Alijanah was present at the opening ceremony as a Guest of Honour.

He said that in this Globalization era everyone has room to grow and prosper and in importing in this manner both countries could benefit by the economies of scale and increase their profit margins.

NCASL first organized this exhibition eight years ago with only 47 stalls but every year since then is very successful and this year there were nearly 300 stalls and all the areas of building construction was covered. The stall holders have exhibited all the up-to-date modern construction material and latest technologies that are used internationally.

ADB Country Director Mr Vokes said that since 1968 the Bank has been assisting in Development Projects in Sri Lanka and a amount so far disbursed stands at US $ 4.5 billion and the amount that is expected to be disbursed in next three years is estimated at 660 to 750 at an annual rate of US $ 220 to 250.

He said that these funds will be spent on infrastructure development such as water supply and sanitation, road and power in all parts of the country including the East and some parts of the North.

Mr Vokes said that the ADB is concerned of high inflationary conditions in the country that would affect the building construction industry and to facilitate some kind of relief ABD is considering the introduction of ICTAD price adjustment formula for contracts of more than six months – less then one year which would imply that price escalations to be allowed. He said that the formula is still under consideration. What is now applicable is for projects that are more than one year’s duration.

Mahanama Jayamanne, Chairman, “Construct 2008” Exhibition Organizing Committee expressed his confidence that this would be a positive networking platform and resource centre for all construction industry related players in the whole of the Asia Pacific region. He said that the main objective of this exhibition is to develop Sri Lanka’s construction industry by introducing world-class products, services and state of the art technology, specially since “Construction 2008” has been viewed as the number one networking platform for all buyers and suppliers in the industry.

– Asian Tribune –

Eric Draper.

American swimmer Michael Phelps, 23, has set a new record for the most gold medals won in one Olympic games by winning his eighth gold medal of the 2008 Olympic games, beating the previous world record of seven that was set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Olympic Games, which took place in Munich, Germany.

Phelps’ eighth medal was won in the final of the men’s 4 x 100m medley relay. In addition to Phelps, Aaron Piersol, Brendan Hansen, and Jason Lezak were in the winning Olympic team, which had a time of 3:29.34, which was a new world record. In seven of his eight races, Phelps set or contributed to a new world record time. He set an Olympic record time in the remaining race.

“With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination,” said Phelps after realizing he had set the new medals record. “There are so many emotions going through my head and so much excitement. I kind of just want to see my mom.”

“Without the help of my team-mates this isn’t possible,” he continued. “I was able to be a part of three relays and we were able to put up a solid team effort and we came together as one unit. For the three Olympics I’ve been a part of, this is by far the closest men’s team that we’ve ever had. I didn’t know everybody coming into this Olympics, but I feel going out I know every single person very well. The team that we had is the difference.”

Grant Hackett, an Australian swimmer, praised Phelps for achieving his goal. “Michael Phelps – you can’t put it in words what he has done here, his level of achievement is phenomenal and I don’t think it will ever be seen again.”

Source : wikinews


Melbourne – The International Cup is Australian rules footballs world cup. The 2008 event is being held in Melbourne to celebrate 150 years of Australian rules football.

Currently the nation winning the International Cup is considered a distant second to Australia, who does not compete at the cup. This is beacause the difference in skill level between Australia and the next best team is quite considerate. The Australian Football League still names an All-Australian team anyway.

Group A

New Zealand compete after playing against a touring Maffra side, who play in the West Gippsland Latrobe Football League. The match played in Auckland on August 2nd. The final result for this match was a win for the Maffra side 13 goals 13 behinds 91 to 3 goals 1 behind 42.

2005 Japanese captain Michito Sakaki was the first non-Irish internationally based player to play at AFL level.

New Zealand have been grouped with Samoa, Japan and cup debutants India.

Group B

2002 and 2005 runners up Papua New Guinea are set to play a trial game in Coolongatta before heading off to the cup. “Unless Mal Michael’s allowed to play, we’ve got no height” says coach Andrew Cadzow. Michaels plays for the Brisbane lions in the AFL.

The Pease Team, a combined Isreali-Palistinian team, is a cup debutant. It is being sponsored by The Pratt Foundation.

“It’s going to be a very interesting team,” said foundation chief executive Sam Lipski. “Trying to get Palestinian, Arab and Israeli kids together to play football, it’s quite an achievement.”

Great Britain come off the AFL Great Britain Northern Grand Final between Newcastle Centurians and Middlesborough Hawks. The match being won by the Centurions 11 goals 15 behinds 81 to 4 goals 13 behinds 37.

Plans are also in the works for a National Championship between The Centurions and sothern Champions, the Southampton Titans.

PNG, The Peace Team and Great Britain have been grouped with Narau.

[edit] Group C

2005 third place getters the United States are generally considered the banch mark of this group. However the Danes enter the competiton off the back of the national grand final.

With the Olympics in Beijing this year, the Beijing Bombers will play a demonstration match in the Chinese capital during the games. The Bombers will supply players to the Chinese national team for the Cup.

China, the USA and Denmark are joined in the group by South Africa.

Group D

“We have Finland up first on August 27th and we are now totally focused on that game, but at the end of the day, you have to beat them all and we believe we are capable of doing just that,” Canadas General Manager Martin Walter has commented in a recent interview.

The Canadians bring a mix of experience and youth to their third International Cup. They are being finacially supported by Foraco Drilling, Quantec Geoscience and Laramide Resources Inc; three of Canadas multi-national mining companies.

“This has put the team into a strong financial position, and that allows us to bring the best football talent that the Ontario Australian Rules Football League and other Canadian leagues have to offer,” Walter says.

Canada are joined by inaugural champions Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

Source : wikinews


Men’s 200-meter individual medley

Michael Phelps won his sixth gold medal of the Beijing Olympics with a world-record time of 1:54.23 in the final of the men’s 200m individual medley. The gold puts him one gold medal away from Mark Spitz‘s individual record of seven gold medals at a single Olympiad, set at the Munich Olympics in 1972. It was also his sixth world record, also one short of a single-Olympiad record set by Spitz as well.

Hungarian László Cseh won the silver medal with a time of 1:56.52, an European record. Cseh out-touched American Ryan Lochte, the bronze medal winner, by 0.01 seconds (1:56.53).

The previous world record time was 1:54.80, set by Phelps at the 2008 United States Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebrasha.

Men’s 50m freestyle

In the first semifinal of the men’s 50m freestyle, Cesar Cielo Filho set a new Olympic record with a time of 21.34 seconds, 0.12 seconds ahead of the previous Olympic record and 0.06 seconds behind the current world record.

“It was a great race. The 50m is so fast and it was my best-ever race,” said Filho after the race. ‘I’m in lane four [in the final]. I’ll just do my best and focus on my own race and will touch the wall with my best performance.”

Women’s 200m breaststroke

American Rebecca Soni net a new world record and won the gold medal in the final of the women’s 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:20.22.

Leisel Jones, who was representing Australia, took the silver medal, while Sara Nordenstam finished in third place with a time of 2:23.02, less than one second behind Jones’ time of 2:22.05.

Women’s 75kg weightlifting

The Chinese Cao Lei set a new world record and won the gold medal women’s 75kg weightlifting. Her score of 282 beat the competitor who took the silver medal by sixteen points.

“I was excited and overjoyed because I won the seventh gold medal for Chinese weightlifting,” she said, after the event.

Men’s individual pursuit

British Bradley Wiggins set a new Olympic record in qualifying round of the men’s individual pursuit with a time of 4:15.031 and an average speed of 56.463 km/h.

Hayden Roulston, who was representing New Zealand, finished in second place, while Alexei Markov finished in third place with a time of 4:21.498.

Women’s artistic gymnastics individual all-around

American Nastia Liukin won the gold medal in the women’s individual all-around in artistic gymnastics. She is the daughter of former Soviet Union gymnast Valeri Liukin, who won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. Her total score was 63.325: 15.025 in vault, 16.650 in uneven bars, 16.125 in balance beam and 15.525 in floor exercise. Her scores at balance beam and floor exercise were the top scores for the individual all-around competition.

Her American teammate, Shawn Johnson, won the silver medal with a total score of 62.725. Johnson had the top score in the vault, with a score of 15.875. Chinese gymnast Yang Yilin won the bronze medal with a total score of 61.925. Yang had the top score in the uneven bars, with a score of 16.725.

Medal Table

Video of the day From  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Men’s 100m backstroke

American Aaron Peirsol set a new world record and won the gold medal in the final of the men’s 100m backstroke with a time of 52.54 seconds.

Matt Grevers, who was representing the US with Peirsol, took the silver medal, while Arkady Vyatchanin and Hayden Stoeckel tied for third place with a time of 53.18.

Men’s 200m freestyle

American Michael Phelps set a new world record and won the gold medal in the final of the men’s 200m freestyle with a time of 1:42.96 minutes.

Taehwan Park, who was representing South Korea, finished in second place and set a new Asian record, while Peter Vanderkaay, who was representing the US with Phelps, finished in third place with a time of 1:45.14.

Phelps beat the old world record by almost one second. The Australian reported that Phelps ‘shattered’ the previous world record, which was also set by him.

Women’s 100m breaststroke

Australian Leisel Jones won the gold medal and set a new Olympic record in the final of the women’s 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:05.17 minutes.

“It has been a long journey. It’s been a long eight years,” said Jones, after her victory. “And I think just a lot of relief that the training was definitely worth it.”

Rebecca Soni, who was representing United States, won the silver medal, while Mirna Jukic finished in third place with a time of 1:07.34.

Men’s double trap

American Walton Eller set a new Olympic record in the qualification round of the men’s double trap with a score of 145.

Francesco D Aniello, who was representing Italy, finished in second place, while Jeffrey Hologuin, who represented the US with Eller, finished in third place with a score of 140.

Men’s 200m butterfly

American Michael Phelps set a new Olympic record when he finished in first place in heat six of the men’s 200m butterfly with a time of 1:53.70. This record is one of several set by Phelps during the Olympic games.

Kaio Almeida, who was representing Brazil, finished in second place, while Takeshi Matsuda finished in third place with a time of 1:55.06, 1.36 seconds behind the time set by Phelps.

Women’s 200m individual medley

Zimbabwean Kirsty Coventry set a new Olympic Record in semifinal of the women’s 200m individual medley with a time of 2:09.53 minutes. Coventry’s first fifty second were the quickest, with her first length taking only 29.17 seconds.

Stephanie Rice, who was representing Australia, finished in second place, while Katie Hoff finished in third place with a time of 2:10.90, just over one second behind the time achieved by Coventry.

Medal Table

Source : wikinews

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