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Robert Jackson Yates, the former manager of the New Zealand and Australian New Wave band Mi-Sex, has been sentenced to a four-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor.

The Victorian County Court heard that Yates, 62, met the girl through a website named Adult Friend Finder, where she claimed on her profile to be 18 years of age. The girl later revealed to Yates, through email exchanges with him, that her true age was 15. Yates flew to Melbourne, Victoria, where he met the girl and had sex with her in a motel. The following day, the girl told her mother, who then contacted police.

Judge Meryl Sexton said that Yates must have known the girl was underage, and that the blame lay solely on Jackson’s shoulders. “It’s quite unbelievable that a man of 61 knowingly and deliberately set out to have sex with a female under 16,” she said.

Yates pleaded guilty to two counts each of committing indecent acts with a child under 16 and of sexual penetration of a child under 16, and was sentenced to a four-year prison term, with a minimum of two years in prison before he is eligible for parole. He will also be placed on a registered sex offenders list for 15 years.

The band Mi-Sex was popular in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s, most notably for their number one hit single “Computer Games”.

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Melbourne – The International Cup is Australian rules footballs world cup. The 2008 event is being held in Melbourne to celebrate 150 years of Australian rules football.

Currently the nation winning the International Cup is considered a distant second to Australia, who does not compete at the cup. This is beacause the difference in skill level between Australia and the next best team is quite considerate. The Australian Football League still names an All-Australian team anyway.

Group A

New Zealand compete after playing against a touring Maffra side, who play in the West Gippsland Latrobe Football League. The match played in Auckland on August 2nd. The final result for this match was a win for the Maffra side 13 goals 13 behinds 91 to 3 goals 1 behind 42.

2005 Japanese captain Michito Sakaki was the first non-Irish internationally based player to play at AFL level.

New Zealand have been grouped with Samoa, Japan and cup debutants India.

Group B

2002 and 2005 runners up Papua New Guinea are set to play a trial game in Coolongatta before heading off to the cup. “Unless Mal Michael’s allowed to play, we’ve got no height” says coach Andrew Cadzow. Michaels plays for the Brisbane lions in the AFL.

The Pease Team, a combined Isreali-Palistinian team, is a cup debutant. It is being sponsored by The Pratt Foundation.

“It’s going to be a very interesting team,” said foundation chief executive Sam Lipski. “Trying to get Palestinian, Arab and Israeli kids together to play football, it’s quite an achievement.”

Great Britain come off the AFL Great Britain Northern Grand Final between Newcastle Centurians and Middlesborough Hawks. The match being won by the Centurions 11 goals 15 behinds 81 to 4 goals 13 behinds 37.

Plans are also in the works for a National Championship between The Centurions and sothern Champions, the Southampton Titans.

PNG, The Peace Team and Great Britain have been grouped with Narau.

[edit] Group C

2005 third place getters the United States are generally considered the banch mark of this group. However the Danes enter the competiton off the back of the national grand final.

With the Olympics in Beijing this year, the Beijing Bombers will play a demonstration match in the Chinese capital during the games. The Bombers will supply players to the Chinese national team for the Cup.

China, the USA and Denmark are joined in the group by South Africa.

Group D

“We have Finland up first on August 27th and we are now totally focused on that game, but at the end of the day, you have to beat them all and we believe we are capable of doing just that,” Canadas General Manager Martin Walter has commented in a recent interview.

The Canadians bring a mix of experience and youth to their third International Cup. They are being finacially supported by Foraco Drilling, Quantec Geoscience and Laramide Resources Inc; three of Canadas multi-national mining companies.

“This has put the team into a strong financial position, and that allows us to bring the best football talent that the Ontario Australian Rules Football League and other Canadian leagues have to offer,” Walter says.

Canada are joined by inaugural champions Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

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Australian football (soccer) club Melbourne Victory FC have defeated New Zealand‘s Wellington Phoenix FC 8-7 in a penalty shootout to win the fourth annual A-League Pre-Season Challenge Cup. The match, played at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand in front of 9,208 spectators, finished at 0-0 after the regulation 90 minutes.

The match saw relatively few chances, the best of which fell to the Phoenix. Melbourne goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos made two stunning saves in the second half which were the obvious highlights of the regulation playing time. On 68 minutes, the Victory failed to sufficiently clear a corner kick by the Phoenix, and midfielder Richard Johnson sent a volley shot heading towards the right hand side of the net from 20 metres out until Theoklitos’ intervention prevented it from breaking the deadlock.

The other major chance of the match came 12 minutes later, when the home side’s striker Shane Smeltz headed the ball towards the bottom left hand corner of the Melbourne goal. Once again, Theoklitos managed to readjust his balance and made the save down low to his right, parrying the ball away from the danger area.

With the 2008-09 A-League — Australia’s top-tier football completion — season proper starting in only nine days, competition rules provide that if the scores finish level after 90 minutes, the match goes directly to a penalty shootout. In nearly all other competitions around the world, including the season proper’s final series, 30 minutes of extra time would be played before a penalty shootout is used.

Melbourne captain Rodrigo Vargas won the coin-toss prior to the shootout and elected that his side would go first. During the opening five penalties, both Smeltz for Wellington and Nick Ward for Melbourne missed the goals completely — both shooting high and to the left of the goals in very similar style to each other — resulting in the scoreline being 4-4 after the five mandatory penalties. At this point the shootout became a “sudden death” situation.

Three more pairs of penalties passed with success by both sides, before the shootout was decided on the ninth round of the shootout. Melbourne scored, before Wellington’s Karl Dodd‘s penalty driven low to the right hand side of Theoklitos was stopped by the Victory ‘keeper to win the Cup for Melbourne after 18 penalty kicks.

The trophy was the Victory’s third piece of silverware since their establishment for the start of the A-League competition in 2005; they we the premiers and champions of the 2006-07 A-League season. For Wellington, this was their first ever final in any competition, as well as the first time a New Zealand side has been in an Australian domestic club competition final in the history of professional football (soccer) in the country, which dates back to the Football Kingz FC in 1999.

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Adrian Pingstone.

Qantas Boeing 747-400
Image: Adrian Pingstone.

A Boeing 747-438, Qantas airways flight number QF30 from London, England to Melbourne, Australia, had to make an emergency landing at Manila International Airport after a door panel popped open, creating a massive hole in the plane’s fuselage.

After a brief stopover in Hong Kong, passengers reported hearing a large bang and saw what appeared to be papers flying around outside their windows. Oxygen masks were deployed and an emergency descent from nearly 30,000 feet to 10,000 feet was initiated by the pilots, who managed to successfully divert the aircraft to Manila for an emergency landing.

There are currently no reported injuries to any of the over 300 passengers aboard the flight.

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