Dschwen.Following Barack Obama‘s Saturday morning text-announcement of Joe Biden‘s vice presidential candidacy, a rally was held in Springfield, Illinois, at 3:00pm (UTC-5).

The rally was held on the steps of the Old State Capitol building in Springfield. In a email sent out to supporters of Obama who signed up on the Obama campaign website, Obama said that “Joe and I will appear for the first time as running mates this afternoon in Springfield, Illinois—the same place this campaign began more than 19 months ago.”

The rally was broadcast at the official Obama campaign site, starting at 3pm (UTC-5), and carried by major cable news networks.

Springfield owns a piece of presidential history, having been the home of former President Abraham Lincoln after he moved there in 1837. He lived there for 17 years, before taking presidential office in 1861.

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Senator Barack Obama from Illinois, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, announced Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. The announcement came via text message early Saturday morning, to people who had signed up to receive the announcement on the official Barack Obama campaign website.

Obama and Biden after the announcement on August 23rd

Obama and Biden after the announcement on August 23rd

Friday afternoon, several campaign officials had informed the media that the text message announcement would be distributed Saturday morning. Reportedly, the announcement would come a few hours ahead of a scheduled rally at the Old State Capitol State Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois, where Obama and and whoever the VP candidate would be would appear together for the first time as the Democratic ticket.

On August 19th, Biden while leaving his house reportedly said to some reporters, “Hey guys, I’m not the guy.”

Biden had been one of the top choices for being the VP candidate according to Rasmussen polls. Following his trip to Georgia, from August 17th through the 18th, he was surrounded by a lot of speculation that he would in fact be the candidate.

On Thursday, Barack Obama announced that he had already made his decision, but wasn’t yet stating who the VP candidate would be. On August 20th the Obama campaign reportedly sent a email to select news agency with the subject being “Vice presidential…”. However, the contents of the email did not state who he had picked, but instead the first line of the email was “just kidding.”

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Prior to the announcement of Biden being the VP candidate, Evan Bayh, Hillary Clinton, Chet Edwards, Tim Kaine, Bill Richardson, and Kathleen Sebelius had all been reported as being on the short list.

Obama has been reportedly calling the potential VP candidates and informing them that they had not been picked. Sources said that Governor Tim Kaine and Senator Evan Bayh had been told they were no longer considered. None of the other choices had stated whether or not they had been called, though Representative Edwards specifically stated that he had not been contacted.

The 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado begins on August 25, 2008. Biden will reportedly speak on the third night of the convention.

Republican candidate John McCain of Arizona has not yet announced who his running mate will be. The 2008 Republican National Convention begins September 1, 2008 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Biden, a Senator from Delaware, is currently the committee chair for the foreign relations committee. Biden has served in the Senate since 1973, and was the head of the judiciary committee from 1987 through 1995.

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https://i0.wp.com/news.ninemsn.com.au/img/2007/world/2807_Tennessee_a.jpgOn Thursday, an as of now unidentified individual, shot at and killed 16 year old student, Ryan McDonald. The shooting occurred at just after 8:00am (UTC-5), at Central High School, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

According to Deputy Chief of Police of the Knoxville police department, William C. Roehl stated that the shooting was not “random” and that “they had contact with one another”. The shooting which occurred 8:11am (UTC-5), followed a confrontation in the cafeteria. Police arrived on the scene at 8:13am, and the suspect was taken into custody at 8:17am. McDonald was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he died at 8:57am, according to the police.

Kevin Perry, a pastor at pastor of Word of Life Ministries, and also a witness to the shooting said that “[He] saw them when they were arguing and pushing and shoving.” [He] didn’t see the guy shoot him. What [he] did see was the guy fall”.

The school was preparing to release students, and bring them to a local church were they could be picked up by their guardians. Central High School has around 1,400 students.

US Congress.

United States (U.S.) Senator Joe Lieberman is scheduled to speak at the Republican party convention, according to a member of the McCain campaign who wishes to remain anonymous. Lieberman, who was the Democratic vice presidential candidate in the 2000 presidential election, has been one of Republican party candidate, John McCain‘s, staunchest supporters.

The official who informed the press of this announcement stated that Lieberman is slated to speak on the second day, a Monday, of the convention. There has been a lot of speculation in the past months that Lieberman would speak at the convention. In a interview with David Brody of CBN, Lieberman stated in response to the question about the possibility of him being at the convention that, “well, it’s not clear yet but you might just see me there.”

Lieberman is currently in Georgia, with Senator Lindsey Graham, responded when asked if he would be speaking at the convention that “it’s quite possible, but I’ll let them announce it.” Lieberman’s office has not commented on this announcement.

Lieberman has been recently considered a possible candidate for the Republican vice presidential seat. The convention will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota from September 1 through the 4th. He is currently a Independent Senator in Connecticut, who caucuses with the Democratic party. Lieberman was the Democratic vice presidential candidate back in 2000, when he ran with Al Gore.

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The United States, led by Michael Phelps, have smashed the world record to win the 4x200m relay with Australia winning bronze.

It was the fifth gold medal in the four days of the meet for Phelps so far and his 11th career Olympic gold.

He remains on track for a record eight swimming gold medals at one Olympic Games.

The Americans led all the way and finished several body lengths in front of Russia, who just pipped Australia for bronze.

The Australian quartet of Patrick Murphy, Grant Hackett, Grant Brits and Nick Ffrost were pushed hard in the final stages by Italy. But Ffrost, swimming the anchor leg, responded to hold third place.

The American quartet of Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens and Peter Vanderkaay broke the world record by more than four seconds, hitting the wall in 6:58.56. Russia was second in 7:03.70.

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At least three people are dead after two small planes collided in a remote area of Wyoming in the United States.

The collision occurred between a Cirrus SR22 and a Cessna 172 near Rock Springs just before 12:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The Cirrus was carrying two people, both of whom died, and was traveling from Polson, Montana to Rock Springs. The Cessna had one person on board who also died, but its destination is not yet known. One deployed parachute is reported to have been seen near the wreckage, but reports state it does not appear to have been deployed by a survivor.

FOX News quotes KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah as saying that debris from the collision was scattered over five acres in an area that made it difficult for emergency officials to get to.

The names of the deceased have not been released, pending the notification of family members.


The Federal minimum wage in the United States increased Thursday by 70 cents from US$5.85 to $6.55. This is the second of three increases each year in the Federal minimum wage under a law passed by Congress in 2007. Next year, the federal minimum wage is scheduled to increase to $7.25.

Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia already have higher minimum wage settings than that of the Federal Government. The new minimum wage can be considered to be less than the wage level of 1997, which, when adjusted for inflation was the equivalent of $7.02. Adjusting for inflation the minimum wage 40 years ago was the equivalent of $10.06 in today’s dollars, according to the U.S. Labor Department

District of Columbia law sets its minimum wage to automatically be $1.00 higher than the Federal Minimum. Eight states will have their state minimum increase to the federal minimum, 18 States automatically follow the federal minimum, while twenty-four already have minimum wage rates higher than the Federal minimum. They range from Washington State at $8.07, to California and New York at $8.00 to Florida at $6.79. Nevada sets its minimum wage at $6.85 unless health benefits are included, in which case the minimum is $5.85. Several states have their state minimums indexed to inflation. South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are the only states yet to set a minimum wage law.

A number of cities including San Francisco and New York also have local minimum wage laws which set the minimum wage for jobs in those cities to figures higher than the Federal minimum and in some cases higher than the state minimum.

About two million workers will get an increase as a result of the change. Approximately five million will receive an increase from next year’s minimum wage increase.

A number of small businesses either will have difficulties such as raising prices to cover the increase in costs, while other businesses in tight labor markets indicate the increase is irrelevant as employees are already being paid more than the federal minimum.

“Government price-setting has never been good for the economy, and they are setting the price of labor,” said William Dunkelberg, chief economist for the National Federation of Independent Business. “If you want more people hired, you don’t make it more expensive to hire them.”

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